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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh what a day!

Sometimes when we think we're gonna get things done our way,it doesn't happen anywhere near our way,or at least I should say my way.Today my intentions were to get some house cleaning done and then settle in to do some much needed stitching,got the house cleaned but then stitching time got interupted,over and over again!If only I could say not today,I'm stitching,this is what I want to do today,nothing else,I'm sorry I can't sit and talk today,I would rather be alone,I like being alone,I enjoy being alone!but I can't say that because people are more important than stitching and I have to keep telling myself that!In my mind I want to stitch,but my heart knows it's more important to listen to someone that needs someone to talk to,about nothing,about something,about anything,they just need to talk.They need someone to hear their heartaches.They need to know that another person knows how they feel.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I am sorry

I need to tell all you that signed up for my swap that I am sorry I never got to do for the girls that I got,My life  went into a downward spiral and now almost a year later it is still in a downward spiral.Will I ever get control,I pray one day I will,but nonetheless I do want to tell you I am so sorry,please forgive me.I don't get to stitch as much as I would like,but it is still my favorite thing,I often look at your blogs and photos and I love the beautiful work you do and I know one day I will get to be back to doing my passion.