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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pokes and Seeds Exchange

Hey welcome to my blog!I am having an exchange if anyone wants to be included please sign your name and address on comments under this post!This is the way it will go,you sign up and when sign up is closed,look above your name and under your name,those are the ones you will be stitching for,ie..a ,b,c ..if you are b you will stitch for  a and c,if you are c you will stitch for b and around back to a, just an example,hopefully there will be more than 3 people before the list is closed.
Here's what is to be stitched,plant pokes,whether placed on thin dowels or made to hang off the side of a flower pot,along with the poke send a packet of flower seeds.Make the poke in the persons theme of choice.Thank you and the sign up begins now and ends on Saturday,Feb.20,2010.
You do not have to post your address,just contact the person above and below you to exchange that info.
have your pokes and seeds ready to send out by April 30,2010.  Thank you Tina2nd1961

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almost done

Well I worked on the BCR for my neighbor today,almost done,just a handful of stitches left and the back stitch around the ribbon and I'll take it to her in the afternoon.I have stitched until my joints hurt tonight,so I'll take a break for a couple of hours and then finish it up.will wash and iron it in the morning.
While working on it I thought alot about my own sister whom I have made one for,my goodness she has such strength,I love her dearly and I pray God will keep his hand of mercy upon her.I can't imagine my life without her,she has always been such a God loving woman and now I think back at all the times God has answered her prayers because of her faith in him so many has been touched and healed,I truly believe she has the gift of healing.Her son was shot in the head and the doctors told her their was no hope and she told them do what they could and God would do the rest,he was in the hospital 2 months and when he left there they put in his chart that he was a miracle.She never left the hospital for 2 months,stayed right there and kept telling him she could promise him because God had promised her,and he has a sound mind today,even thro some of his brain came out,he has a sound mind just as before it happened,he just don't remember being shot,and I suppose thats a good thing,but as far as everything else he is still smart as ever,has memory of his childhood,and everything.He is a miracle!A miracle is something that goes against the nature of things...only God can do that,only God can take someone from the grip of certain death and plant them firmly in life again.
I suppose I have gone on and on but,somedays thoughts need to be expressed,lives need to be encouraged,someone needs to know that only God can take the worst and bring out the good,to his Glory.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Breast Cancer Ribbon

I didn't get to work on my stocking today,instead I started another BCR for my neighbor,she saw mine last night and said she wished she had 1 for her sister who had had breast cancer,so it will be done tomarrow hopefully and I'll take it too her.I got the pattern from EMS Cross stitch soon as I can I'll post pic of it.I did mine for my sister who had breast cancer and thank God she is cancer free now.

kits started and want to start
This is a sister blog I suppose to show my work in progress,kits started and kits I want someday to do.

SAL-Stitchers Studio Christmas Stocking

This is  what I have so far,after having to start again!

My Boys,My Heart

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is the Creekside Deer,
I just Love this kit,I love Deer,
won't eat them but I love seeing them
 and doing pictures of them.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not alot going on today,have worked on Days End for the morning part,will work on Stocking tonight.
We're having a snow day,I told my DH it would be a sew day for me.The stocking is coming along better today,I worked on it last night,got so much to do,not only on the stocking but on all of my wips.gotta get my scanner back so I can post pics.
I think I will put days end to rest soon,I want to pick up on creekside deer and flowers on doorknob,plus I have the needlepoint to do and some socks to knit up,1 pair almost done,I've made 9 pair this year and that is so sad,I should of had so many more made.If I could stay with 1 thing long enough to finish it without laying it aside and working on so many other things,I just get so bored with 1 thing,start another and then work them back and forth until I see another kit or chart I want to do and then the craziness starts all over again.Not to mention the quilt tops in between,and the crocheting and plastic canvas,I think I am adhd.oh well don't hold your breath waitng for me to get it done!but out of the maddness something does become finished,framed,hung on the wall or given away,someday I tell myself,someday it will all be done,but until then I will enjoy working on each piece,no matter how big or small.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Breast Cancer

I finished the Breast Cancer Ribbon from EMS for my sister,I just have to frame it now.She is such a strong person,and so close to God,everyone who reads this please keep her in your prayers,she has been cancer free for 3 years now but suddenly she has started to lose weight,16lbs in less than 2 months.Shes so small to start with and she needs her weight.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

a waste of my time

Well,I sat down today and put in quite a few stitches in the stocking,and then oh no 1 stitch to many,the whole thing is off,because of the one stitch,I ended up taking out every stitch I put in today....maybe tomarrow will be a better stitching day!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

SAL-Stitchers Studio Christmas Stocking

Well I have my chart,will get my threads together tonight and hopefully be able to start it by midnight,a few stitches will be great!I have made 3 of these Stockings and I'm so excited to get to begin a new one,will post progress as I can.My scanner is not working right now so I'll dash over to my neighbors once a week to post pics.Good luck to everyone in this's going to be great!

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Boys,My Heart

I have two son's,the oldest is 28 years old,he is my meek child,humble and gentle,loved by everyone who meets him.He is strong is heart,gentle in nature,loves the outdoors,the sun and growing food in a garden,he's a mason by trade,works hard,plays hard,my second son is 26 years old,he is very out spoken and has the temper that goes with having red hair!if you don't want the truth then don't ask him if these pants make me look fat because he will tell you in a heartbeat yes if it's true!He's a great cook and also works hard and plays hard,both my boys keep me praying!

Would Starve to Death Stitchin'

Starved to death stitchin',If it weren't for low blood sugar I would starve to death just to get one more stitch in before I got up to eat!no really ask my children,they didn't know what the stove was for until they got old enough to use it and the kind neighbor showed them it heated up and food could actually be cooked on it,hot food,my boys were amazed with it,got to where they wanted it everyday,the kind neighbor and I haven't spoken in years now.
My boys always said I could make anything but breakfast!Well,they turned out just fine,lack of nutrition begat ones career as a chef and ones career as a taster!their fine men,them two,cooks great,eats well and loves mom's stitchin!