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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pokes and Seeds Exchange

Hey welcome to my blog!I am having an exchange if anyone wants to be included please sign your name and address on comments under this post!This is the way it will go,you sign up and when sign up is closed,look above your name and under your name,those are the ones you will be stitching for,ie..a ,b,c ..if you are b you will stitch for  a and c,if you are c you will stitch for b and around back to a, just an example,hopefully there will be more than 3 people before the list is closed.
Here's what is to be stitched,plant pokes,whether placed on thin dowels or made to hang off the side of a flower pot,along with the poke send a packet of flower seeds.Make the poke in the persons theme of choice.Thank you and the sign up begins now and ends on Saturday,Feb.20,2010.
You do not have to post your address,just contact the person above and below you to exchange that info.
have your pokes and seeds ready to send out by April 30,2010.  Thank you Tina2nd1961