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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh what a day!

Sometimes when we think we're gonna get things done our way,it doesn't happen anywhere near our way,or at least I should say my way.Today my intentions were to get some house cleaning done and then settle in to do some much needed stitching,got the house cleaned but then stitching time got interupted,over and over again!If only I could say not today,I'm stitching,this is what I want to do today,nothing else,I'm sorry I can't sit and talk today,I would rather be alone,I like being alone,I enjoy being alone!but I can't say that because people are more important than stitching and I have to keep telling myself that!In my mind I want to stitch,but my heart knows it's more important to listen to someone that needs someone to talk to,about nothing,about something,about anything,they just need to talk.They need someone to hear their heartaches.They need to know that another person knows how they feel.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I am sorry

I need to tell all you that signed up for my swap that I am sorry I never got to do for the girls that I got,My life  went into a downward spiral and now almost a year later it is still in a downward spiral.Will I ever get control,I pray one day I will,but nonetheless I do want to tell you I am so sorry,please forgive me.I don't get to stitch as much as I would like,but it is still my favorite thing,I often look at your blogs and photos and I love the beautiful work you do and I know one day I will get to be back to doing my passion.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pokes and Seeds Exchange

Hey welcome to my blog!I am having an exchange if anyone wants to be included please sign your name and address on comments under this post!This is the way it will go,you sign up and when sign up is closed,look above your name and under your name,those are the ones you will be stitching for,ie..a ,b,c ..if you are b you will stitch for  a and c,if you are c you will stitch for b and around back to a, just an example,hopefully there will be more than 3 people before the list is closed.
Here's what is to be stitched,plant pokes,whether placed on thin dowels or made to hang off the side of a flower pot,along with the poke send a packet of flower seeds.Make the poke in the persons theme of choice.Thank you and the sign up begins now and ends on Saturday,Feb.20,2010.
You do not have to post your address,just contact the person above and below you to exchange that info.
have your pokes and seeds ready to send out by April 30,2010.  Thank you Tina2nd1961

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almost done

Well I worked on the BCR for my neighbor today,almost done,just a handful of stitches left and the back stitch around the ribbon and I'll take it to her in the afternoon.I have stitched until my joints hurt tonight,so I'll take a break for a couple of hours and then finish it up.will wash and iron it in the morning.
While working on it I thought alot about my own sister whom I have made one for,my goodness she has such strength,I love her dearly and I pray God will keep his hand of mercy upon her.I can't imagine my life without her,she has always been such a God loving woman and now I think back at all the times God has answered her prayers because of her faith in him so many has been touched and healed,I truly believe she has the gift of healing.Her son was shot in the head and the doctors told her their was no hope and she told them do what they could and God would do the rest,he was in the hospital 2 months and when he left there they put in his chart that he was a miracle.She never left the hospital for 2 months,stayed right there and kept telling him she could promise him because God had promised her,and he has a sound mind today,even thro some of his brain came out,he has a sound mind just as before it happened,he just don't remember being shot,and I suppose thats a good thing,but as far as everything else he is still smart as ever,has memory of his childhood,and everything.He is a miracle!A miracle is something that goes against the nature of things...only God can do that,only God can take someone from the grip of certain death and plant them firmly in life again.
I suppose I have gone on and on but,somedays thoughts need to be expressed,lives need to be encouraged,someone needs to know that only God can take the worst and bring out the good,to his Glory.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Breast Cancer Ribbon

I didn't get to work on my stocking today,instead I started another BCR for my neighbor,she saw mine last night and said she wished she had 1 for her sister who had had breast cancer,so it will be done tomarrow hopefully and I'll take it too her.I got the pattern from EMS Cross stitch soon as I can I'll post pic of it.I did mine for my sister who had breast cancer and thank God she is cancer free now.

kits started and want to start
This is a sister blog I suppose to show my work in progress,kits started and kits I want someday to do.