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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pokes and Seeds Exchange

Hey welcome to my blog!I am having an exchange if anyone wants to be included please sign your name and address on comments under this post!This is the way it will go,you sign up and when sign up is closed,look above your name and under your name,those are the ones you will be stitching for,ie..a ,b,c ..if you are b you will stitch for  a and c,if you are c you will stitch for b and around back to a, just an example,hopefully there will be more than 3 people before the list is closed.
Here's what is to be stitched,plant pokes,whether placed on thin dowels or made to hang off the side of a flower pot,along with the poke send a packet of flower seeds.Make the poke in the persons theme of choice.Thank you and the sign up begins now and ends on Saturday,Feb.20,2010.
You do not have to post your address,just contact the person above and below you to exchange that info.
have your pokes and seeds ready to send out by April 30,2010.  Thank you Tina2nd1961


  1. Tina Stinson
    156 Topaz Lane
    Jewell Ridge,Va.24622
    themes to choose from:
    Flowers I love:
    sunflowers,touch me nots,forget me nots,zinnias,daisies

  2. Gill Greenaway
    28 Wallows Road
    Brierley Hill
    West Midlands
    DY5 1PY
    United Kingdom

    I love sunflowers, pansies, daisies,roses,fuschias, marigolds, daffodils, snowdrops.

  3. I'm new at this but I'll give it a shot. Please send me an e-mail for my address; I'm leery about posting it anywhere on line.

    Oh, themes - roses, dragons, Lord of the Rings (one that just says "Sam" or "Sam's Garden" - my Hobbit nickname - would be great), feathers, teacups.

    As far as the seeds part - surprise me; I'm open to anything.

  4. I already posted you I would like to join in. I will email my address in private.

    I love Teddy Bears, Lighthouses, cats.

    As seeds go make it a surprise.

  5. I don't really have the space for a garden, but I do have flower pots!!! Please add me!!

    Themes: frogs, teacups, watering cans

    Flowers: sunflowers, daisies, oh shoot, anything that will grow in my flower pots!!!

  6. oh shoot... my address:

    Jessica Osborne
    3551 Lorna Rd Apt D
    Birmingham, AL 35216

  7. I would love to do this please email me at for my address. As far as themes go I love Teddies Margaret Sherry and Dragons.
    For the seeds I love ROSES!!!!!

  8. Here's the order!
    Tina-Gill and Frishawn
    Gill-Tina and Tanelet
    Tanelet-Gill and Bearcrafts
    Bearcrafts-Tanelet and Jessie
    Jessie-Bearcrafts and Frishawn
    Frishawn-Jessie and Tina

  9. Gina (bearcrafts) sent me the sweetest has 3 little watering cans on it... one of them has a sunflower on it and that's the type of seeds she sent me... thank you so much Gina for the beautiful little poke!!!