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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almost done

Well I worked on the BCR for my neighbor today,almost done,just a handful of stitches left and the back stitch around the ribbon and I'll take it to her in the afternoon.I have stitched until my joints hurt tonight,so I'll take a break for a couple of hours and then finish it up.will wash and iron it in the morning.
While working on it I thought alot about my own sister whom I have made one for,my goodness she has such strength,I love her dearly and I pray God will keep his hand of mercy upon her.I can't imagine my life without her,she has always been such a God loving woman and now I think back at all the times God has answered her prayers because of her faith in him so many has been touched and healed,I truly believe she has the gift of healing.Her son was shot in the head and the doctors told her their was no hope and she told them do what they could and God would do the rest,he was in the hospital 2 months and when he left there they put in his chart that he was a miracle.She never left the hospital for 2 months,stayed right there and kept telling him she could promise him because God had promised her,and he has a sound mind today,even thro some of his brain came out,he has a sound mind just as before it happened,he just don't remember being shot,and I suppose thats a good thing,but as far as everything else he is still smart as ever,has memory of his childhood,and everything.He is a miracle!A miracle is something that goes against the nature of things...only God can do that,only God can take someone from the grip of certain death and plant them firmly in life again.
I suppose I have gone on and on but,somedays thoughts need to be expressed,lives need to be encouraged,someone needs to know that only God can take the worst and bring out the good,to his Glory.

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