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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not alot going on today,have worked on Days End for the morning part,will work on Stocking tonight.
We're having a snow day,I told my DH it would be a sew day for me.The stocking is coming along better today,I worked on it last night,got so much to do,not only on the stocking but on all of my wips.gotta get my scanner back so I can post pics.
I think I will put days end to rest soon,I want to pick up on creekside deer and flowers on doorknob,plus I have the needlepoint to do and some socks to knit up,1 pair almost done,I've made 9 pair this year and that is so sad,I should of had so many more made.If I could stay with 1 thing long enough to finish it without laying it aside and working on so many other things,I just get so bored with 1 thing,start another and then work them back and forth until I see another kit or chart I want to do and then the craziness starts all over again.Not to mention the quilt tops in between,and the crocheting and plastic canvas,I think I am adhd.oh well don't hold your breath waitng for me to get it done!but out of the maddness something does become finished,framed,hung on the wall or given away,someday I tell myself,someday it will all be done,but until then I will enjoy working on each piece,no matter how big or small.

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