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Friday, January 1, 2010

Would Starve to Death Stitchin'

Starved to death stitchin',If it weren't for low blood sugar I would starve to death just to get one more stitch in before I got up to eat!no really ask my children,they didn't know what the stove was for until they got old enough to use it and the kind neighbor showed them it heated up and food could actually be cooked on it,hot food,my boys were amazed with it,got to where they wanted it everyday,the kind neighbor and I haven't spoken in years now.
My boys always said I could make anything but breakfast!Well,they turned out just fine,lack of nutrition begat ones career as a chef and ones career as a taster!their fine men,them two,cooks great,eats well and loves mom's stitchin!

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